5 Stars

Natasha D

I went to Hummingbods initially for an aching, numb & painful back, after the first visit I felt relief and each visit allows me to extend the time of being pain free. Unlike other massages I have had which have left me bruised and in even more pain, Julie’s techniques are specific to my bodily concerns and highly effective. The natural alignment that my body achieves after my visits to Hummingbods is amazing.

5 Stars

Trish A

met Julie because I sourced out people who were members of the Qld & Australian Lymphoedema Associations.

I am so glad to have discovered this woman. Her initial assessment, diagnosis and treatment recommendations were impressive. I came to appreciate the depth of her physiciological knowledge, and I found that her practice techniques and results were superior to those of the clinicians with whom I was working for several months, post cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Julie's wholistic understanding of the impact of Lymphoedema on pre-existing health issues, is also exceptional. She knows exactly when and how to vary her treatment on a weekly practice.
Julie Kuskopf is an absolute gemstone whom I have unearthed amidst a plethora of therapists. I value her expertise during my ongoing health issues. Her empathy and wonderful sense of humour and good fun has cemented a long lasting professional and personal relationship.
I couldn't speak highly enough of Julie.

5 Stars

Angie K

Julie is amazing at what she does. She always checks in with me first about how my body is feeling before starting. She remembers what we worked on last time. She is a wealth of knowledge and provides appropriate advice and information. I always leave feeling like I'm walking on a cloud... both physically and mentally.

5 Stars

Tracey R

I suffered a lot of pain in my hands and fingers for 2 years. After one session with Julie, my pain was dramatically reduced, after a further two sessions within that week, I no longer have constant pain. I still can't believe how spot-on Julie is, knowing exactly what needs to be done to get rid of any pain I have. Julie works with me to balance my whole body and it works. Unlike many therapists, Julie's massages don't hurt, and I feel good at the end of each session.

5 Stars

Savanna H

Always a wonderful experience here! Julie is absolutely amazing, uses the perfect pressure and is very experienced and knowledgeable. Very professional, highly recommend to all.

5 Stars

Jenny H

Julie has helped me recover from a frozen shoulder, and is so talented at identifying where’s there’s tension, and convincing the muscles to relax! Wonderful massage therapist!

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